Autistic Hackney’s autism communications card

The Hackney Autism Alliance's user engagement & consultation work group led the design of a communications card. It was co-designed and its text agreed by autistic Hackney residents, their families and carers.

The card-carrying autistic can decide when and where to show their card. They have full control of this disclosure.

We’re keen to hear how useful you find the card, and how and when you use it. Let us know at


The front can be used in all situations where verbal communications is difficult or impossible.

Autistic Hackney autism communications card - front


The back is useful in emergency situations.

The card is endorsed by Hackney Council, NHS Hackney and Metropolitan Police Service Hackney, however no police logo appear on the card to avoid any possible stigma.

Autistic Hackney autism communications card - front

Ways to get a card

If you are an autistic Hackney resident, you can request a communication card, for free, by:

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