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Autistic & living in Hackney or City of London?

Autistic residents in Hackney and the City of London are working with the local councils and NHS on a new plan to improve services for autistic people. Have your say by joining the Autism Alliance's Experts by Experience work group.

The Autism Alliance Board is made up of autistic individuals, carers and organisations who are working together to help autistic people and their carers/parents lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives. Smaller work groups with a focus on specific areas contribute to the Autism Alliance Board.

The Board meets every two months while the work groups usually meet once a month.

Contact Healthwatch Hackney by email or by phone on 020 3960 7454 to find out more and tell us how you want to get involved.

To join a workgroup or the board, fill in online the Autism Alliance Board user involvement form, email Hackney Council at userengagement@hackney. or call Shabana Aslam on 0208 365 1493. Hackney Council has published a web page about the autism strategy.


Key documents

How the Autism Alliance Board and its work groups are organised

City and Hackney Health and Wellbeing Board

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Autism Alliance Strategy Partnership Board

Purpose: to drive and oversee development and implementation of the Hackney and City of London Autism Strategy

Status: set up by Hackney Council with formal Cabinet approval

Chairs: Director of Adult Social Care and an autistic Hackney or City of London resident

Reps: autistic Hackney & City of London residents, POWhER learning disabilities forum, carers, City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group, East London Foundation Trust, CAMHS Alliance, London Borough of Hackney (including workforce development, adult social care, housing), Hackney Learning Trust, disabled children’s social care, Hackney CVS, Peter Bedford, Healthwatch Hackney, London Borough of Hackney Housing, Volunteering Matters, Metropolitan Police Hackney, Public Health, DWP

Frequency: meets every two months

Reporting to: City and Hackney Wellbeing Board

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Data work group

Health, care and wellbeing work group

Education, training & employment work group

Expert by experience work group

Criminal justice work group

Community work group


Work groups

Experts by experience

This group is for​ autistic residents in Hackney and City of London as well as carers to autistic residents. The ​group provides an opportunity to look at how we are working together and what can be done to include more people in the work we are doing. ​It is also an occasion to meet other local autistics.


This group is to review local sources of data that reflect the needs of autistic people, identify areas of strength and weakness reflecting population need, and identify and summarise information required to inform the Autism Strategy being developed.

Education, training and employment

This group is to inform needs around education, training and employment. This includes the training of workforces across public sector.

Health, care and wellbeing

This group is to inform specific areas around Health, Care and Wellbeing for autistic people. ‘Health’ can refer to Mental Health and Physical Health.

Criminal justice

This group is to inform specific areas around helping autistic people who might be involved with the police or courts. It focuses on the criminal justice system, youth justice and other specific support.


This group is to inform specific areas about developing improvements in the wider community (such as libraries and shops).